Thursday, June 9, 2016

8th grade remembrance

Odins Eye
Showalter Middle School - Tukwila School District - June 2016
8th Grade Remembrance
By: Jermaine Kuria, Larry Fepulea’i, Daniel Vega and Jason Sanchez

Sadly, this is the last article for the 8th grade students of Odin's eye. It has been a fantastic year, and we use this last issue to remember the 2015-2016 8th grade school year. This year had lots of surprises, fun events, and obstacles, being the role models of Showalter Middle School. We leave to the unknown and hand our jobs into the 7th grader's hands, hoping they can have the experiences we had. This year we have enjoyed many new additions to SMS there are new electives, new ASB members, and more students. For the end of the year the 8th graders completed a form in their advisories, saying what memories are most important to them, here is what the students said. The most remembered moments in 8th grade were the Day of Solidarity, Students vs Staff basketball game, sports games/meets, and the AMAZING classroom meetings that our language arts teachers, Ms Corbin and Ms Tran hosted.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

National Teacher Appreciation Week!

By: Leslie Ramirez, Rachel Nuam, Kellina Camacho.

Teachers, as students we sometimes don’t like them. Sometimes they get on our nerves. But at the end of the day they are pretty amazing! Teachers do so much for us, they sacrifice so many things for the benefits of all their students. They work long hours to help us succeed when we are not doing good in something. Teachers care for us, they care about our future and they don’t accept failure. Teacher’s work very hard, what do you think they are doing on the weekends when we are sleeping in and having fun with our friends? Most likely they are grading your homework, assignment, essays, etc... Also when in school, they don’t sit behind and desk and write. They have to return emails, return calls, they stand all day and talk. The list of what teachers do for us can go on and on. But this is just the few amazing things they do for us. The week is teacher appreciation week. We as student’s should be thankful and give them a compliment or just a simple “Thank you” can mean a lot to them.

Thank you Teachers!

Take time this week to appreciate ALL of the educators in this building! From the bus driver who makes sure to help you get to school to Ms. Thomas helping you get back to school after an absence. From Ms. Page who helps you stay on track to the custodians who help keep our campus beautiful. Every adult in this school wants you to succeed. Every adult in this building is an educator. Make sure to show your appreciation for them this week!